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Climbing Event Manager


The Olympic climbing events are now designed using the Climbing Event Manager.
We have reproduced in 3D the Olympic sites from the schematics and official information provided by the International Olympic Committee, to allow the user to equip the walls for the three combined events: difficulty, bouldering and speed. It has a wide range of holds (reproduced using photogrammetry) that can be placed anywhere on the walls according to the needs of the competition.



The Volx group specializes in innovation around climbing sports. The climbing event was first introduced to the Olympic games during the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympics. The Volx group needed an application intended on the one hand to be used by the TV control room to present the climbing competition to the public and on the other hand to the forerunners to use it as a creation tool for routes. A new version of the project has been ordered for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. It contains more features, a new, more efficient software architecture, improved graphics, the environment of the event, a user management system with identifiers, the possibility to record and load their routes, installing quickdraws and safety ropes along the tracks, measuring tools, a library of official holds presenting the biggest brands (more than 1000 photogrammed holds), a management system of cameras for zooming and traveling, etc. The routes for the Tokyo 2020 competition were designed on this app, discussed and validated by the official competition forerunners before fitting out onto the walls. Climbing Event Manager has become a valuable tool for prototyping large climbing events.",

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