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Development of digital interactive media, specializing in virtual reality



Since 2015, ebim studio has been an independent French video game and interactive digital media development studio specializing in virtual reality (VR).
We believe in the opportunity to create new immersive digital experiences through VR headsets.
Based in Angoulême, city of art and image in France, two hours from Paris, ebim studio benefits from an ideal geographical location for mobility. The National School of Games and Interactive Digital Media (ENJMIN) is also located there and has created a real dynamism around video games. Different structures such as art schools or studios also contribute to enriching the local artistic pool.

ebim studio takes advantage of the premises of the ENJMIN incubator to stay at the heart of the digital scene.
Years of experience cover a wide range of skills, from simple interactive applications to video games in virtual reality. In a constantly evolving technological market, ebim studio knows how to adapt and diversify into different supports and possible variations of media. Through its knowledge and relationships, ebim studio knows how to surround itself with trusted specialists so that each project is studied and treated with the utmost seriousness to derive the most optimal quality.



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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is our specialty and our greatest motivation because it is rich in potential for projects. The immersive capabilities are such that users experience strong emotions. By putting manipulation forward they get more involved. We are also aware of the constraints of this technology. You have to think about the design upstream to ensure a quality project and a comfortable experience for players, novices and experienced alike. Our equipment park is composed of a varied panel of headsets allowing for maximum portability for projects.

main VR headsets

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video games

The ultimate interaction medium. We love to design entertainment with a strong artistic and narrative dimension. Whether on PC, console, mobile, VR headset, or cross-platform, we adapt. We are creative to keep the game original and consistent, we're not lacking ideas. Our game design is lucid and takes into account technical constraints in order to anticipate as many bugs as possible and while respecting material constraints. The distribution platforms also have their requirements which are familiar to us and we prepare projects to submit them according to their criteria.

main game engines

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interactive medias

The techniques and tools of video games can be applied to different fields, in particular with game engines. Gamification makes it possible to transmit information in a fun way, to create more ergonomic and intuitive tools. This is applicable to all areas: business, education, training, medical environment, etc. The interactive media are globally more and more used because the public is receptive and curious. They are an even more useful tool when the transmission of knowledge must be done remotely or independently. In general, the user is active and progresses at their own pace, which makes the experience more digestible and suitable. Seniors or those who are not used to new technologies can often play the game through simple and clear interactions. The possibilities for innovating in interactive media are endless and we are proud to dedicate our know-how to the projects of tomorrow.



Vincent Pellarrey

Vincent Pellarrey

production director / founder associate

Alexandre Sauderais

Alexandre Sauderais

artistic director / founder associate

Hugo Guillou

Hugo Guillou


Joseph Le Gall

Joseph Le Gall


We regularly work with trusted external people depending on production needs. Our address book is sufficiently supplied to ensure a large capacity for work in all digital fields.



Solidanim logo

SolidAnim is an independent French production studio specializing in 3D animation and virtual production. Their technical and artistic expertise has been recognized for more than 12 years by actors in 3D animation, cinema and broadcasting in France and internationally.

Tequila Works logo

Tequila Works is a Spanish video game developer based in Madrid, founded in 2009. The company is best known for making Deadlight, Rime and The Invisible Hours in VR.

CNAM logo

The National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts is a higher education institution, managed by the French government, dedicated to education and research for the promotion of science and industry. It has a large museum of inventions accessible to the public.

Sergi TP logo

The world leader in transformer explosion and fire prevention.

Studio NYX logo

Nyx is a video game and virtual reality (VR) simulator development studio in Angoulême.

Naval Group logo

Naval Group is a French industrial group specializing in naval defense construction. The group employs nearly 15,792 people in 2020 across eighteen countries.

Luxov logo

At the heart of a dynamic and innovative sport, LUXOV makes it possible to discover or rediscover climbing through a range of experiences organized for climbers of all levels.

Novo3D logo

Founded in 2013 and based in Angoulême, Novo3d is a company specializing in the creation of real-time 3D environments for tourism, heritage and entertainment.

Manufacture 43 logo

Independent video game creation studio based in Bordeaux, France. His first game: Pawarumi, is a Rock-Leaf-Scissors ... with lasers! A 3D shoot'em up for the modern era.

Orichalcum Pictures logo

A hybrid production company founded to explore archeology through the multimedia prism. Their first production, a VR adventure game inspired by Ancient Greece and Myst, «Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis».

Musée d'Angoulême logo

Formerly the Angoulême Museum of Fine Arts, the MAAM is a public museum next to Angoulême Cathedral in the heart of the historic city center. It is classified as a museum of France and has important archaeological, ethnographic and artistic collections. It also hosts temporary exhibitions and conferences.



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